The Truth About Facial Fillers

The costs, the process and does it hurt…?

There’s no doubt that facial fillers are becoming increasingly popular among younger women, with some 59% of 51,000 respondents to a Vice UK survey revealing that they’ve previously undergone procedures like lip fillers.

We reckon that this number will continue to rise in the future too, especially as treatments become more accessible and affordable over time.

But what’s the truth about dermal or facial fillers, and should this procedure be painful? Let’s get into it and find out!

What’s the Cost of Facial Fillers?

In general terms, the cost of dermal or facial fillers can range from £200 to several hundred pounds, depending on the type of product used, the number of syringes required and the nature of the area being treated.

Here at KG Aesthetics, we charge from £240 per 1ml syringe when applying dermal and facial fillers, with this price including the client’s consultation.

Our treatments also feature hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient, with this recognised as a naturally occurring substance that can already be found in the fluids of the body.

What are the Stages of Facial Filler Treatment?

When considering having facial or lip fillers, you should note that there are three main stages to the typical procedure. These can be explained as follows:

  • Initial Consultation and Facial Assessment: Before you undergo any form of facial filler treatment, a reputable medical practitioner or registered nurse will arrange for you to have a consultation. This will include an evaluation of your facial appearance and skin tone, with a particular focus on the desired injection sites. Photos may also be taken at this stage, while you’ll have to answer some key questions about your medical history and potential allergies.
  • Cleansing and Anesthetising: When the treatment is delivered, the injection site will be clearly marked and cleansed with an antibacterial agent. Your Nurse will then typically apply anesthetic ointment to numb the injection site, before administering the treatment. Though not painless, injections should be relatively easily tolerated, while a cold instrument may be used to chill the skin to help alleviate any discomfort further.
  • The Injection Itself: Typically, the injection will only take a few seconds per site. The injection site is then massaged and evaluated by your Nurse, who may apply additional filler as required. When having a single injection, the entire process could last for just 15 minutes or so, but it may also take an hour or more when treating multiple sites at once!

The Last Word – Are Facial Fillers Painful in the Aftermath?

As we’ve already touched on, the initial pain of the injection should quickly wear off. Once the treatment has been completed and the Nurse is happy, any remaining markings will be removed.

You may also notice some temporary and localised swelling in the aftermath for a couple of hours after the injection, and your Nurse may offer you an ice pack to alleviate this and any associated discomfort.

The swelling should soon dissipate, and while the injection site may feel tender for a day or two afterwards, this shouldn’t really require the use of painkillers.

If this isn’t the case and significant pain persists for days after the treatment, we’d recommend getting in touch with your Nurse urgently and discussing this directly!