Anti Wrinkle Injections

Aesthetics Treatments Anti Wrinkle Treatments – Helping to reverse the ageing process

In some respects, it has never been easier to look younger than your years. With the right diet, facial exercises and a robust skincare regime, you can maintain a bright and youthful look that sustains your self-esteem.

Nobody can keep the ageing process at bay forever, however, the rigours of time and everyday life gradually wear down your body. KG Aesthetics understands this process better than most, and is expertly trained and competent in an advanced range of anti-wrinkle treatments to counter the physical effects of growing older.

Our clinically safe and medically proven treatments will inject the Botulinum Type A toxin into targeted areas, temporarily freezing muscle movements and blocking neuro transmitters. This prevents selected muscles from moving and safeguards against the formation of new lines, while it also softens the appearance of your skin to the naked eye.

Thanks to the clinical experience that underpins KG Aesthetics, we’ve refined and diversified our anti-wrinkle treatments to resolve a wide range of potential issues. These include:

Glabella, frown and forehead lines

The glabella is the smooth part of the forehead that sits above and between the eyebrows. This tends to crease when we frown, leaving horizontal lines that become increasingly prominent over time. Our treatments will smooth these lines and gradually reduce their appearance.

Crows feet or laugh lines

The removal of crows feet or laugh lines is one of the main factors that compel clients to seek out anti-wrinkle treatments. These refer to the wrinkles that appear at the outside corners of your eyes during your mid-20s, as the more sensitive areas of your skin begin to lose elasticity.

Bunny and smoker Lines

Bunny lines refer to the creases that run diagonally either side of your nose, which can become increasingly pronounced as we age. Smokers may also see the formation of lines above the upper lip, which can be effectively targeted by our advanced anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment.

The downturned and gummy smile

As you age, you may notice that the corners of your lips begin to sink and turn downwards. This can create a sad and perennially glum appearance, even when you are actually feeling happy. Alternatively, you may have a ‘gummy smile’, where the appearance of your upper teeth is overshadowed by excessive gum tissue. Our treatments will target these issues directly, tightening the skin while affording it lift and volume.

Nerfetiti or turkey neck

A common symptom of ageing, this is where there appears to be an excess of skin around the neck. It’s caused by the appearance of increasingly flaccid muscles and additional fat, and our anti-wrinkle treatments have been developed to tighten your skin and create a much smoother, more youthful aesthetic.

A pebbled or dimpled chin

This effects the mentalis muscle, which together with the jawbone forms the chin and can in some instances appear too large. This creates the appearance of a dropping face, while it may also lead to the formation of short lines on the skin. These problems can be effectively targeted by our treatments, which will lift your skin and smooth out any unsightly lines.

The masseter or bruxism

The masseter is one of the major facial muscles, and one of the four muscles that help us to chew solid foods. It also connects the lower jawbone and the cheekbone, and can occasionally trigger bruxism and excessive teeth grinding. This can create the appearance of a wide set jaw, but the advanced nature of our anti-wrinkle treatments will tackle this condition and soften the squareness of your jaw.

A chemical brow lift

Under the guise of BOTOX®, the Botulinum Type A toxin can also be applied to perform a chemical brow life. This will execute a lateral brow lift that diminished drooping eyelids and low-hanging eyebrows. In simple terms, it seamlessly lifts the skin tissues and creates the appearance of firmness, revitalising your natural beauty in the process.

As you can see, KG Aesthetics offers an incredibly wide range of anti-wrinkle treatments, each of which will be delivered safely and in a clean, clinical and professional environment. With 12 years medical and clinical experience and a long held passion to help others, Katie is ideally placed to deliver a tailored and effective treatment that helps you to recapture the appearance of youth.

To book your no-obligation consultation and talk through your options, feel fee to contact Katie today on 07805466239. You should also feel free to browse our blog and FAQ section, which also include helpful information about our treatments and the techniques that we use to tackle the ageing process head-on!