Dermal Fillers

Aesthetics Treatments Dermal fillers – Rediscover your natural beauty

At KG Aesthetics, we’ve worked hard to refine the beauty treatments that we deliver to clients. As a result, we’re able to specialise in the delivery of dermal fillers, which help to combat the aging process by lifting lines and wrinkles, contouring your face and restoring volume.

Our skin tissue loses both volume and elasticity as we age, so the use of dermal fillers can counteract this and help revitalize your natural beauty.

This medically-led treatment uses a range of clinically safe fillers, which are non-permanent and biodegradable. These fillers are also made using Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural substance found within the body that’s capable of restoring proteins such as collagen and creating a more youthful appearance.

So, how exactly can our advanced dermal filler treatment help you? Here are some of its most popular applications:

Add shape and volume to your lips

While it’s well known that dermal fillers can make your lips look more fulsome, it is actually possible to create different shapes depending on how the filler is applied. Injecting the filler directly into the main body of the lip adds volume and alters shape, for example, whereas targeting the vermillion border will make your lips appear wider and more defined. Regardless of your precise objectives, at KG Aesthetics we’ll tailor your dermal filler treatment to help you achieve them.

Fill your naso labial fold and marionette lines

As dermal fillers essentially form a cushion beneath your skin, they are particularly effective at diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Our fillers can therefore be used to effectively target the naso labial fold that runs from the side of the nose to the mouth, while they’ll also fill the marionette line that can sit between the mouth and the chin. Make no mistake; we’ll create a bespoke treatment just for you, depending on what we discuss during your initial consultation.

Diminish smoker lines

According to research, smokers synthesize approximately 20% less collagen in the body than non-smokers. This means that smokers are far more likely to lose elasticity from their skin, while the toxins introduced by smoking can also cause the blood vessels in your body to constrict. This can lead to the appearance of what are known as smoker lines, so we’ll use dermal fillers to reduce these and restore your skin’s natural vibrancy.

Enhance your cheeks

Your cheeks often bear the brunt of the aging process, as they start to look sunken and lose their volume over time. Our dermal filler treatment will help to reverse this process, creating volume and definition to restore the appearance of youth. With higher and more fulsome cheeks, you’ll quickly revive your natural beauty regardless of your age!