Medical Grade Skin Peels

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There are many different types of chemical peel available to patients, with four classifications depending on the depth of the action.

In the case of BioRepeelCl3, this refers to a ‘deep TCA peel’ that penetrates the top five layers of the skin and reaches into the deepest layers of the dermis.

But what do you need to know about this treatment, and why can you rely on KG Aesthetics to deliver this on your behalf?

Delving Deeper Into Medical Grade Skin Peels

The most important element of BioRePeel is that it remains a ‘medical only’ peel. It may also be referred to as a medical grade peel, which should only ever be carried out by a qualified and accredited nurse or doctor.

This innovative two-phase medical grade peel boasts a bio-stimulating and rejuvenating effect, thanks largely to an exfoliating option that promotes greater cell turnover and its ability to effectively counter the effects of acne and ageing.

There are multiple benefits to having this type of medical grade peel. Not only can it be used on your face, neck and body, for example, but it can also close open pores and help to improve the overall texture (and firmness) of your skin.

In addition to exfoliating and removing dead skin from target areas, medical grade peels are known to oxygenate the skin. This aids hydration and leaves your skin feeling smoother, providing a direct antidote to ageing and the formation of wrinkles.

If you have previously suffered with acne, medical grade peels can be used to enhance the appearance of scars with its antimicrobial properties.

Is a Medical Grade Skin Peel Safe and Right For You?

Despite the need for this treatment to be carried out by an accredited nurse, a medical grade skin peel is incredibly safe and well-regulated in the UK.

What’s more, virtually no preparation or recovery is required before or after the treatment, meaning that you can easily incorporate this into even the busiest working day.

Of course, there are some medical conditions and circumstances in which you may be advised not to have a skin peel. These include diabetes, kidney disease and various forms of cancer, but you can speak to Katie at KG Aesthetics to determine whether or not a medical grade skin peel is right in your circumstances.

She’ll also discuss any other queries that you may have, while talking you through the procedure and how the treatment works.

You can get in touch today on 07805 466 239. Remember, it’s imperative that your medical grade skin peel is carried out by a qualified nurse or doctor, which is why you can rely on KG Aesthetics to carry out the treatment effectively.