Will your Lip Filler Wear Off?

In the modern age, many people struggle to distinguish between surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This includes lip fillers, which remain genuinely mysterious to some and continue to create confusion among UK residents.

Lip fillers are definite examples of non-surgical cosmetic treatment, however, as they only require a local anaesthetic and require practitioners to inject a naturally occurring substance into the body.

Still, there remain a number of frequently asked questions that many people ask before deciding to undergo lip filler treatment. In this post, we’ll answer the question of longevity and whether or not this treatment will wear off?

So, are Lip Fillers Permanent or do they Wear Off?

One of the big advantages of non-surgical cosmetic treatments is that they’re impermanent, which means two things for patients. Firstly, the effects are reversible and cannot be sustained indefinitely without continued (if occasional) treatment.

Secondly, of course, this means that you’ll need to schedule regular appointments to have additional lip filler treatment, with these arranged depending on the advice of your practitioner and the look that you’re striving to achieve.

With these points in mind, it’s clear that lip fillers are an impermanent treatment that will ultimately see their effect wear off over time. There’s no fixed rule with regards to this and time-frames will vary depending on each individual’s skin type, age and lifestyle, but as a general rule the effects of a single treatment will last for between six and 12 months.

But how does this play into the overall treatment timeline? Well, it will usually take the treatment area around 48 hours to settle, during which time you should leave it alone and as untouched as possible. During this period, any initial redness or swelling should also reduce, while bruising around the injection site may take a couple of days to fade completely.

You should then begin to see the results  within a week or so, while your practitioner should arrange a follow-up appointment in 14 days to assess your progress and discuss any concerns that you may. They should also be able to discuss precisely how long the effects of your unique treatment will last for, helping you to plan ahead and decide whether future administrations are required.

The Last Word

As we can see, lip fillers are impermanent cosmetic treatments that ultimately wear off after a maximum period of around one year. This tends to offer potential customers genuine peace of mind concerning their treatment, as they know that any effects can be reversed if desired and there’s no need to commit to a single look forever.

This, along with the safe and simplistic nature of lip fillers has helped this type of non-surgical treatment to earn a huge following in recent times, while also helping to improve the reputation of the industry as a whole.

With this mind, the only thing that you’ll need to do is determine how frequently you undertake new treatments and the precise nature of the work that you have done.