Dermapen Microneedling

Aesthetics Treatments Dermapen Microneedling - Revive your skins glow

As the non-surgical cosmetic augmentation industry continues to evolve, we’re able to offer a much broader range of treatments to our customers here at KG Aesthetics.

Take DermaPen micro needling, for example, which is a small and non-invasive dermatology treatment for various skin issues such as ageing, acne scars and the appearance of fine lines that occur with age.

But how exactly does this work, and what are the benefits of DermaPen micro needling treatments?

How Does DermaPen Micro Needling Work?

The ‘dermapen’ is a small treatment device combining the words ‘dermatology’ and ‘pen’, while it utilises 16 fine needles to puncture the top layer of the skin and promote healing in various forms.

As the device is held vertically over the skin, a small motor is started to gently penetrate the skin through rapid, back and forth motions. The needles then continue to rotate and open up the skin’s pores, while beginning the process of healing and rejuvenation.

This is the beauty of DermaPen micro needling treatments, as they effectively trick areas of your skin into needing to heal itself and generating collagen and elastin. These elements help to stimulate growth, restoring tired and flaccid skin and leaving it feeling completely refreshed!

What are the Benefits of DermaPen Micro Needling Treatments?

As we can see, a dermapen unlocks completely natural and safe dermatology treatments, while helping to tackle a number of common cosmetic skin problems.

From the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles to eradicating stretch marks and tackling common skin conditions (or unappealing scars), DermaPen Micro Needling treatments are incredibly diverse in nature and should appeal to a broad range of patients.

Regular DermaPen Micro Needling benefits include the reduction of enlarged pores, which can cause acne if left untreated.

It also helps to tighten the skin and aid the absorption of products, while some studies have even suggested that it may aid the long-term treatment of alopecia.

While there are numerous applications for a dermapen, you may have some questions about this and its associated treatments.

So, why not give Katie a call today on 07805 466 239, and see precisely how DermaPen Micro Needling can help resolve your particular skin issues.